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    ET-M Series Manual bio ethanol fireplace

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    Model ET-M Series Brand p
    Suitable places Lobby,halls,club,villa,outdoor,patio Etc.
    Panel Stainless Steel Panel / Mirror Processing Panel / Color Plating Panel
    Plate Deminsion L500~1400 *W180*H3mm/8mm (Standard thickness3mm)
    Base Container L430~1330 *W140*H95mm
    Reserved hole size L450 ~ 1350 *W150,  H>150~200mm
    Ignition type Manual Ignition Installation Embedded style
    Materials The panel and burning tank is made by SUS304
    Fuel 95% bio ethanol fireplace
    Internal fuel capaticy Subject to specific data
    Accessories: Manual, fire extinguisher, handle, warranty card, automatically add the pump.
    combustion oxygen consumption Value 1L ethanol combustion oxygen consumption Value:1165L/1.165CBM
    Generation of carbon dioxide: 0.78m ³, release heat about 8.3KW
    Leading time 10-15working days(bulk excepted)
    Remark A: It is recommended to use stone, stainless steel, refractory bricks and other refractory materials around the installation surface and the hole.
    B: firebox highly recommended greater than 200mm or more
    C: The height of the flame hole is 500mm or more


    Mold List - Download

    ET-M500 ET-M600 ET-M700 ET-M800
    ET-M900 ET-M1000 ET-M1200 ET-M1400