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    Intelligent bio ethanol fireplace

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     Ventless No Chimney Remote Control WIFI Mobile Application Ethanol Fireplace 


    Model ET Series Brand
    Feature: Stainless Steel Panel Thickness 3-8mm(Standard 3mm)
    Burner Size Length from 500mm to 2400mm, Width 250mm, Hight 235mm
    Ignition method High energy ingition
    Operate Key / remote control
    Fuel 75%-95% bio ethanol fireplace
    Oil consumption Can be adjusted according to the customer’s requiretments
    Burn duration Can be adjusted according to the customer’s requirements
    Noise(positive) Max10dB/min5dB
    Fuel tank capacity Subject to the actual purchase
    Dimensions Subject to the actual purchase
    Basic configulation >tilt automatic protection devices>high energy ignition  devices>child lock device >
    panel temperature overtop prection device>tank upper and lower limit reminder protection>voice prompt (Chinese and English optional)on tank
    Optional  Indoor carbon dioxide remind protection device>indoor temperature device > WIFI  Internet Access system
    Meet a certification CE.CMA.ROHS.Utility patents & Design patents
    Accessory Manual,remote control,power adapter,warranty card,alcohol filled tube(plus filter head),cleaning cloth
    Power supply
    External power supply current 100-240V 1L ethanol combustion oxygen consumption Value 1165L/1.165CBM
    Power 50-60Hz 1.5A
    Standby current 0.15-0.25A Ignition state current 110V/3.5A.220V/2.2A
    External power supply output voltage/current DC 12V/10A Generate carbon dioxide 0.78CBM
    Working current 0.4A Combustion heat 8.3KW

    Mold List - Download

    ET500 ET600 ET700 ET800
    ET900 ET1000 ET1200 ET1400
    ET1800 ET2000 ET2200 ET2400