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    New Intelligent bio fireplace with flame adjustable

    1 8 7 6 2 1 9 3 4



    Ignition Mode: high-energy ignition
    Levels: 4 levels
    Operation Mode: Button/Remote Control
    Fuel: 75%-95% Ethanol
    Noise: max35db   min15db
    product Configuration: Voice Prompt Brodcasting System
    Child Lock Key Protection Device
    Tilt automatic protection devices
    Imported High Energy Ignition Devices
    Panel Temperature Over-top Protection Device
    prevent overflow protection device
    Fuel Tank Upper and Lower Limit Protection Device
    Optional Features: Carbon dioxide inspection control system
    WiFi Internet access system
    APP real-time remote monitoring system
    Certifications:  CE,CMA
    1L Alcohol combustion value and Generation of Carbon dioxide: O2:1165L/1.165m³
    Generate Heat:8.3KW
    External Power Supply AC: 100-240V Power: 50-60Hz 1.5A
    Standby Current: 0.15-0.25A External power supply output: DC12V/10A
    Working Current: 0.4A Ignition Status Current: 110V/3.5A,220V/2.2A