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    Intelligent steam fireplaces with flame adjustable 3 levels and touching screen panel

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    3D water fireplace/steam fireplace with flame adjustable


    Model:3DA Series , Insert style

    Size:50cmL-240cm L, 25cm W , 22.5cm H, customized size welcome


    Atomization Method:Ultrasound

    Imaging Method:Projection

    Operate Method: Touching Screen/Remote Control

    Fuel:Pure Water

    Flame:3 levels adjustable

    Noise:max35db min15db

    Panel color:

    Black mirror/Rose Gold mirror/8K mirror/Black wire drawing/Rose gold drawing/Silver drawing

    Working principle:

    Ultrasonic vibrate cool water into water mist/grains,through lighting projection cause lifelike flame effect.

    VS traditional Electric Fireplace &

    Real Fire fireplace:

    3D touchable fake flame,you can hardly distinguished from a real fire,More safe,more saving energy,more eco-friendly!

    Basic Configuration:

    Voice prompt broadcasting system

    Children Lock key protection device

    Intelligent Embedded software

    High Performance low power integrated IC Chip

    Dual-Protection and Security Voltage System

    Stop Working Protection after 5min of fuel consumption

    Prevent overflow protection device

    Fuel tank/combustion groove upper and lower limit reminding

    protection device

    Optional Function:

    External Extension Key Switch

    Wi-Fi Internet Access System

    APP Real-time remote monitoring system



    CE/Patents Domestic